The Other 9/11

by Elouise

 Wedding Day, 11 September 196511 September 1965

 forty-nine years of

adventure and catastrophe

lovely and not-so-lovely

joy and grief

longing for and running from

dancing and stumbling

singing and raging

betrayal and forgiveness

shock and wonder

You’re not at all what I expected and you’re exactly the right person!

lively conversation and stony silence

rolling on the ground laughter and unrelenting pain

brilliant understanding and unexpected misunderstanding

living and dying

one day or minute at a time

one small or large death at a time

one momentous birth at a time

learning to be married

Are we there yet?

* * *

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 11 September 2014
In honor of our wedding anniversary not so long ago and far away