Coded Language

by Elouise

Powerful, Moving
Ambiguous, Interpretive
Heard, Hidden

Stripped, Caged
Imprisoned, Locked
Unheard, Unknown
Screaming, Silent

Unvoiced, Necessary
Inadequate, Chained
Subterranean, Aching
Exquisite, Angry
Longing, Searching
Hiding, Safe?

Explosive Music
Minus Words
Indecipherable, Acceptable
Tender Music
Minus Words
Lovely, Soothing

Sound of My Prison
Fingers on Keyboard
Aching with Truth
Unacceptable to Voice
Forbidden, Life-giving Truth

Thank you Chopin
Beethoven, Bach
Brahms, Scriabin
Shumann, Debussy
For lending me your music

Thank you Mother
Thank you Mrs. Hanks
You helped find my musical voice
when I most needed it

Thank you God
For this great gift
That communicates truth
Without holding back
At least from my heart and hands
If not always through my words.

Yes!  Play the pieces with passion
No!  Don’t give words to your passion
Yes!  Play with anger
No!  Don’t give words to your anger

Why this piece?
Why that tone?
What else would you like to say, Elouise?
Better yet:  Don’t talk.
Just play us another piece.
We love to hear you play the piano.
You do it so beautifully.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 18 December 2014