Playing with J.S.Bach

by Elouise

One, two, three
Maybe four
Rarely five
Notes move in and out
Baby steps
Interrupted by
Sudden runs
And breathtaking leaps
Up and down the
Keyboard they come
R a c e   a p a r t
Trill and turn
Tumble over each other
Children at play
A galaxy of possibilities–
Mystery and high adventure
For the young at heart

* * *

Of all the composers I love, none loves my fingers so much as J. S. Bach. A few simple notes and I’m off in another world. Following J. S. Bach is always an adventure.  Pleasing to the ear and to my hands when I keep it simple and follow his lead.

Last night I pulled out a J. S. Bach collection for an end-of-the-day read and play. Good practice not just for my hands, but for my heart. Just when I think I understand the pattern he’s developing, he revises it slightly or leaps to another key.

This morning I got thinking about Bach and yesterday’s post on winning and losing. The adventure isn’t about knowing where this composition is going next. It’s about following Bach’s lead, and being delighted and challenged along the way. Sometimes messing up bigtime, other times sailing through what seems strange and complex.

Hence the poem above.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 3 June 2015