Don’t blame the serpent | A Confession

by Elouise

Don’t blame the serpent
Don’t blame Eve
Don’t even blame the Devil
They didn’t make me do it

I lust after power
be it ever so humble
I lust for My Perfect World
My Perfect Neighborhood
My Perfect Family
My Perfect President

I carry bad seed inside
a heart driven by desire
for my way or the highway
A lethal epidemic
of dissatisfaction raised
to the Nth Degree by
Presidential, Global and Religious Politics

Do I want to be a Happy Subject?
No. I want to be God
or at least Queen for a Day

On second thought
let’s make that Forever

* * *

This morning I read several reviews of this past year. Dismal reading for the most part, couched in statistics and snippets of so-called ‘newsworthy’ events, attitudes and opinions based on unidentified polls.

As a member of the human race I found myself talking back to the reviews. ‘That’s not about me! That’s about all of Them! I would never ever think or act like that.’

Which led to the words above.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, Christmas Eve, 24 December 2015