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About You and Human Trafficking | Truth #3 of 3

Truth #3 – Ultimately, the battle against human trafficking is God’s battle, not ours.
This may sound easy, yet it’s precisely where I find myself struggling to stay on track.  Here are three things I sometimes forget.

First, I can’t expect God to launch a one-way God campaign against human trafficking.
True, it’s God’s battle, not ours.  But think about God, Moses and the Hebrew slaves.  Deliverance from slavery didn’t happen until Moses and the Hebrew slaves did their part.  The table was set, but the Hebrew slaves and Moses had to get moving. Read the rest of this entry »

About You and Human Trafficking | Truth #2

Truth #1 – When you or I touch the life of just one person who has been trafficked or who is at risk of being trafficked, that’s more than enough!

Truth #2 – We need trafficking victims as much as they need us to remind us of our deep need for healing of all kinds.

This includes sexual healing Read the rest of this entry »

About You and Human Trafficking | Truth #1

Did you know it’s National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month?*   For the last five years I’ve worked as an educator, speaker and volunteer in this area.  At first I felt overwhelmed by the complexity of this global reality.  Yet in the end, it isn’t overwhelming.

Why not? Read the rest of this entry »

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