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What can I say? – Part 1 | Dear Diane

This is the last piece Diane wrote for her friends about ALS.  I’ll respond next Friday.  It’s a longer piece, definitely tough reading.  Partly because it’s about her; mostly because it’s about us. Read the rest of this entry »

Can we talk? – Part 2 | Dear Diane

Diane’s opening lines in Part 1 are loaded:  “I am dying.   Sooner rather than later.”  Her entire piece is available here.  The following letter is my response to her.

Dear Diane,
Your question and opening lines get right to the point.

I’ve been thinking about our family of origin and your immediate family.  From my perspective, they’re light-years apart when it comes to talking in general.

For example, I can’t imagine us as children sitting around the kitchen or dinner table, chomping down food, elbows on the table, Read the rest of this entry »

Can we talk? – Part 1 | Dear Diane

Houston, March 1999.  A small family gathering in memory of Mother’s death in February.  Several next-generation cousins are there.  We watch a video of the memorial service for Mother.  Death is in the air and on my mind.  Not simply Mother’s death, but Diane’s and mine.  Did Diane’s ALS break Mother’s heart? Read the rest of this entry »

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