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Not Hanging Out

Two Butterflies

Painted Ladies hanging out on a path at the Longwood Meadow – Shall we Dance?

Dear Readers,
After nearly two weeks of hanging out with our daughter and son-in-law, along with other family members who live in this area, I’m happy to be back to a more normal routine.

Nonetheless, I am most unhappy Read the rest of this entry »

hazy blue background

Red Belly Woodpecker 2 Feb 2015

hazy blue background

softens harsh late winter freeze

warms rustic feeder


open air café

no reservation needed

fresh frozen suet Read the rest of this entry »

soggy leaves

soggy leaves tremble

twist in breeze cling to damp twigs

reluctant to drop

* * *

It’s a rainy, foggy day

A good day for taking a little nap

Reading and writing

Watching  backyard birds

raid the suet feeders

Listening to the drip drip of drizzle

outside my window

Enjoying another day of rest

and recuperation

Unwilling to give up now

I’m a persistent woman,

reluctant to drop!

Wishing the same for you.


* * *

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 4 January 2015

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