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das Gift


My family legacy
If not my inheritance
deposited in me a great Gift
The kind that kept on giving
Long after I drained the last drop
And tried to transform it
into a candlestick holder
now coated with hardened
layers of waxy tears
trickling down the
curve of my face Read the rest of this entry »

Contempt wears many faces | A Dream, Part 1


Last week, two days after the December 2 San Bernardino attack, I had a vivid dream. I’ve been puzzling over it for several days. In the meantime, public rhetoric and political talk about what to do and not do about terrorism Read the rest of this entry »

Rules for Good Girls

I grew up in a strict, rule-oriented household.  Actually, there was only One Main Rule:  Good Girls shall obey their parents in all things.

But the proof is in the Big Picture.  So just to make things perfectly clear, here’s what the One Main Rule looked like on a daily basis, Read the rest of this entry »

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