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Late Spring at Longwood 2019 | Photos A

I’ve decided to go with two parts for the rest of our Longwood Gardens photos. The meadow is always a highlight, except when it’s closed in winter. No crowds or lines of spectators. Just the sky above and the earth beneath. However, we can’t get there without walking through other beautiful parts of Longwood.

D took the photo at the top and those just below on our way to the meadow. The trees at the top are along a wooded path to the Italian Water Garden just next to the meadow, and Longwood Lake (below).

Here’s a close-up of the small fountains on the side, in the shade. The gentleman standing there is on the lower path to the pond.

Turning around from the fountains, we’re facing Longwood Lake bordered by a walking path, with lovely lounge chairs on the sloping lawn.

Finally, here’s a water fountain just for thirsty human beings!

Now we’re next to and slightly above the Italian Water Garden, walking through a forested area toward the pond and meadow. You can see a bit of the meadow peeking through undergrowth just in front of me. Next, late-blooming rhododendron, and a shy red Northern Cardinal hiding out in the foliage.

We didn’t see a lot of action at the pond. Too late in the day. I think this turtle wanted us to toss a few crumbs his way (not allowed!). Or maybe he was after that slow-moving number right in front of his nose? I don’t know what the specks are.

Beneath the pond bridge, a small Eastern Wood-Peewee was on the lookout for juicy insects. Very quick and industrious.

Now we’re on the edge of the meadow. It’s early in the afternoon. High sun, wonderful breeze, and low humidity. Don’t  miss the bee!

That’s all for now, folks! More meadow photos in the second part, plus a few beauties from the rest of our visit.

Til later,

©Elouise Renich Fraser, 24 June 2019
Photos taken by DAFraser, 12 June 2019, Longwood Gardens

untamed tendrils

untamed tendrils
reach for late summer sun
cool and composed
roots sink into damp ground
saturated with life

©Elouise Renich Fraser, 21 August 2018
Photo taken by DAFraser, Sept 2016, Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, Pennsylvania

one split second

One split second frozen in time captures my eyes.


This is a shout-out of gratitude to my dear husband who captures so many stunning photos. No matter where we are. No matter how much time it takes. No hurry. No worry. I sit in the shade, relaxing, or walk around and then come back, knowing his attention to detail will be rewarded.

Not every photo is picture perfect. But then there are the others, waiting to be discovered. This is one of the standouts.

D took this last week on our visit to Longwood Gardens. For me, the payoff comes in photos like this.  They evoke wonder, and invite me to ponder life from a different angle.

They also remind me of our many trips together through life. Memories captured and resurrected each time I return for a look-see. Or post them right here for you.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 3 July 2017
Photo taken by DAFraser, 27 June 2017
Longwood Gardens Lily Pond, Kennet Square, Pennsylvania

Response to WordPress Daily Prompt: Dash

early Spring splendor

early Spring splendor
fills chilled air with blossoms–
garden seat beckons


For one of my followers who wants to know where the garden seats are in Longwood Gardens. There are many–which I’m now collecting from my photo albums. This particular bench has always been one of my favorites–at the end of the flower walk, often in the shade, always off the beaten path.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 27 May 2017
Photo credit: DAFraser, March 2016 at Longwood Gardens
Response to WordPress Daily Prompt: Infuse

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