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Christmas in bleak midwinter

Outside my kitchen window
the sun beams bright and clear
on a cold Monday morning

Hungry birds run into each other
trying to gobble as many
ripe red berries as the law
allows in this increasingly
lawless dreamland called
these ‘United’ states

A slight glimmer of hope
remains despite our
greedy determination
to spend it all on ourselves
before we disappear into
the vortex of a tornado or
wildfires of human mayhem

Christmas has rarely been
this bleak though in truth
it first arrived in bleak midwinter
when powers that be weren’t
expecting the revolutionary
transformation sparked by
one small baby born and laid
in a manger surrounded by
hopes and dreams despite
the stench of reality

Outside my kitchen window
the sun still beams bright and clear
on this cold Monday morning

With apologies to my friends on the other side of the globe, experiencing what may well be a bleak midsummer.  And with thanks to persistent songbirds that captured my attention this morning with their determined dive-bombing for holly berries!


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 20 December 2021
Photo by Terry DeLuko found at

draining the swamp

welfare for the wealthy
addicted to power and privilege
never trickles down

It’s a nice image, this trickle-down myth. It could sound almost patriotic if it weren’t so patronizing.

We aren’t dummies. Especially those who live at the lower end of the trickle down that never seems to arrive.

I think it all gets diverted into a swamp somewhere out there in the ocean on an island far far away. Anonymous trickle-down, deposited anonymously into thousands of anonymous rabbit holes for those who believe wealth assures them of power and privilege and, most importantly, survival.

It does not. True survival is visible in any city or town with eyes to see and ears to hear.

I’m no economist. I am, however, a voting taxpayer. And I do know how to smell a swamp nearby, especially when it’s dressed up as a ‘deal.’

Happy Monday, everyone!

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 27 November 2017
Cartoon found at
Daily Prompt: Underdog

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