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gritty monuments

gritty monuments to perseverance emerge from salts of the earth


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 11 July 2017
Image of Bryce Canyon, Utah, found at
Response to WordPress Daily Prompt: Grit

Coming down from a high | Day 2b Photos

Badlands? Star Trek? Sheep Rock’s Blue Basin is other-worldly. Here we are in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by desolate landscape. Read the rest of this entry »

Forests and Aging


Every time I visit my adult children these days I have aging on mind. My recent hike in a forest brought it all back.

Signs of death are everywhere. Like a slow dancing rain, Read the rest of this entry »

In a Forest Somewhere | Photos


Yesterday D and I went for a forest walk with family members. The weather was perfect: cool, not cold; drizzly, not raining; overcast, not stormy–with sun breaking through during the last bit of our hike. Lots of downhill and uphill climbing on a marked trail.

It’s mushroom season! Read the rest of this entry »

unpretentious trees


unpretentious trees

rise above winding dirt trail

shade leafy green ferns

*  *  *

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 3 February 2015
Photo credit:  DAFraser, September 2014
Wildwood Trail in Forest Park, Portland, OR

meadow teems with life


meadow teems with life

old farmhouse stands abandoned–

new point of interest

* * *

Visitor Destination Read the rest of this entry »

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