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dancing flakelings

AE snow feature

dancing flakelings
on frigid north wind
powder earthlings


Just before sunrise today, backdropped by a blue sky, I  watched a 15-minute show from my bedroom window. A chaotic wind sent small snowflakes twisting and turning through the air. Running back and forth as though they couldn’t make up their minds which way to go.

Right now the sky is blue, the sun is up, the stiff wind has shifted to the west, powder snow is resting on the ground and we have a chill factor in the single digits. A good day to stay inside with a hot cup of tea.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 11 February 2016
Photo from; taken by staff photographer Dave Roback

Photo Therapy for My Heart


Today I’m featuring several photos I love to look at. They calm and reassure my heart no matter what’s happening around or in me. I hope you enjoy them, too, and find some peace slipping into your heart today.

That’s a mature dawn redwood at the top. Read the rest of this entry »

gracious morning sun


gracious morning sun
rises on spacious lawn set
for tea and crumpets

* * *

Well, maybe not tea and crumpets. But the social equivalent thereof. This is gracious Kenya service at its natural, well-groomed best. It’s early in the morning. You’re looking at the Naro Moru River Lodge. It’s late August 1999. D and I are there for a fall faculty retreat, along with 20-25 faculty and administrative colleagues from the seminary near Nairobi where we taught that fall.

This was my introduction to the laid-back beauty of post-British rule services for vacationers and tourists. That included in-country and foreign visitors such as D and I. I’d never in my life been treated to such gracious service. It existed in the Deep South when I was growing up, but not for me. I felt almost like Queen for a Day. Actually for a weekend.

When I think about hospitality to strangers, I think of simple things. Yet this and other experiences like it, though not simple, are also signs of hospitality. I found myself enjoying the weekend while feeling strangely out of place and out of time. More than a little self-conscious because I was a stranger, unsure about my place at the table. Hospitable as it was.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 17 August 2015
Photo credit: DAFraser, August 1999
Naro Moru River Lodge, Nyeri, Kenya 

the mouth of a labyrinth | Simone Weil

Labyrinth mosaic, pintrestcom, bf2fc531911eaeff68e36f2a566bd032

I’ve read this striking quote from philosopher Simone Weil many times, but haven’t known how to describe what it looks like. Here’s the quote, reformatted for easier reading, and edited with feminine pronouns. I think this could be about me. Maybe about you, too? Read the rest of this entry »

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