Get a Load of This! Or not….

by Elouise


This jack-o’-lantern, as I understand it, was designed and executed by Diane
for all the kiddies who come trick or treating.
Are you a kiddie?
Don’t you love this?
Have fun looking, but Don’t Touch It!
(Yes, Smudge, that includes YOU.)
Diane would have a hissy fit if anyone messed with her art work.

If you think this is gruesome, take a look at
the  turnip jack-o’-lanterns right here!

By the way, when you read this I’ll be up and away in the air–
on the way to my 50th college reunion!
I’ve got posts ready to go Thursday and Friday–
a 2-part sermon I don’t want you to miss:  “Herr K, Jesus, Diane and Us.”
I’ll be checking in from time to time,
so I’ll know if you’re all playing hooky!
Auf Wiedersehen!


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 26 October 2014
Photo credit:  Diane, aka Sister #3