She remembers me

by Elouise

She remembers me
From long ago
A stranger, yet a friend
She says she was there
The day the war ended.
I don’t remember her.

She remembers me
Running out to the back porch
Church bells were ringing
I got my little bell
Stood on the back porch
And rang it for the world.

She remembers me
In the park near our house
Standing near the bandstand
Waving my arms in the air
To conduct the band
I don’t remember.

I cry when she tells me
About the band.
So much joy and potential
Carefree, happy, young,
Innocent, in love with life
The band at my fingertips

Now there’s a keyboard
At my fingertips
A piano of sorts
It’s sitting here
Waiting for my direction
Where do I want to go?

I want to go home
I say, fighting back tears
I want to hold that little girl
Ringing her bell for the world,
Waving her arms to
Conduct the band.

Will you take me there?
Come with me?
I just want to see her
One more time to
Tell her I love her
And how much I miss her.


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 18 November 2014