Food, Money, Sex and the Earth…

by Elouise

Here’s a timely piece from Oswald Chambers (OC).  It’s the daily reading for today, November 26, from Daily Thoughts for Disciples.  During his life, OC commented more than once about long-faced, dour Christians.  He found them unattractive.  Sadly, when OC was traveling in the USA, he saw a considerable number of dour Christians.  This piece reminds me of his keen observations.

Unfortunately, on this day before Thanksgiving he doesn’t say much about food.   No matter.  You should easily get his point!

Ecclesiastes 7: 15-18  (Today’s English Version)

My life has been useless,
but in it I have seen everything.
A good man may die while another man lives on,
even though he is evil.
So don’t be too good or too wise—
why kill yourself?
But don’t be too wicked or too foolish either—
why die before you have to?
Avoid both extremes.
If you have reverence for God,
you will be successful anyway.

OC comments:

Don’t be fanatically religious and don’t be irreverently blatant.  Remember that the two extremes have to be held in the right balance.  If your religion does not make you a better person, it is a rotten religion.  The test of true religion is when it touches these four things—food, money, sex, and the earth.  These things are the test of a right, sane life with God, and the religion that ignores them or abuses them is not right.

God made humankind of the dust of the ground, and that dust can express either deity or devilishness.  Remember we are to be not numbskulls, but holy people, full-blooded and holy to the last degree, not anemic creatures without enough strength to be bad.

The relation to life ordained by Jesus Christ does not unsex men and women but enables them to be holy men and women.  “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” (I Timothy 6:10).  Money is a test, another thing which proves one’s religion; and the way one treats the soil will also prove whether or not he or she is a child of God.  One needs to hold a right attitude to all these things by means of one’s personal relationship to God.

Oswald Chambers, in Daily Thoughts for Disciples
© 1976, 1994 by Oswald Chambers Publications Association Limited
Published in the US by Discovery House Publishers,
Distributed by Barbour Publishing, Inc. (Ohio)

Here’s to a joyous, balanced, not-too-good, not-too-wise, not-too-bloated Thanksgiving!

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 25 November 2014