Dear Mom, Here’s a haiku. . .

by Elouise

Momma Possom near Old Montgomery House

mother and babies
make their way through grass and weeds
one step at a time
* * *

Dear Mom,
Here’s a haiku I wrote just for you!  David caught the possums on camera the day of Dad’s memorial service.  A bunch of us drove out to the old house that afternoon so the generations could see where we used to live.

The owners were away, so we didn’t get to see inside the big house.  But we walked around and soaked in the beauty of the front yard and river.

Remember those short palmetto trees when we lived there in the 1950s?  Those two trunks in the picture below belong to them!  Can you believe it?  Also, the old boat house is gone.  They added a boat lift right out beside the dock.  The rest looks just the way it used to.  So peaceful.

dock as it is today; boat rack new

Then, just as we were getting ready to leave, David spotted the possum and got one shot off before it was too late.  It makes me think about you and all of us girls and how you just kept going, one step at a time.  Often a baby around, always hungry daughters to feed, always dirty laundry and the inevitable pile of ironing, always something else.

This momma possum definitely knows what it’s all about, and she just keeps going.  She looks like a plump little shuttle bus, the kind you just hop on and off as needed.   Except she’s the shuttle bus, the driver, the wheels, the engine and the mechanic 24/7.  No time off!

Hoping this finds you well rested and enjoying your new life.

Love and a hug,

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 28 January 2015
Photo credit:  DAFraser, July 2010, Savannah, GA