Dear Readers | Spring Update

by Elouise

068Outdoor Display, Longwood Gardens

Thanks to each of you for showing up and reading! When I began blogging I knew what I wanted to write about, but I didn’t know what would happen next. Now I know, nearly 380 posts and just over 27,000 views later.

Here’s how I picture it: Every day a steady stream of followers and other visitors stop in from time to time and leave traces of their presence. What could be more wonderful?

Also every day, I have two dilemmas. Visiting other blogs takes time. So do long walks, working in the yard, going places with D, and playing with Smudge.

Smudge on Pink Rug Bed - 30 Aug 2014

Hi, I’m Smudge! Remember me?

So I’m slowing down the pace of new posts a bit: one a day, sometimes two. In fact, I’m already doing this.

As for writing, here’s my informal plan for spring and early summer.

  • The Dean and I
    What a lark! I feel a tinge of sadness about leaving this series. Actually, I’m not leaving it just yet. I’ll make a few observations about the way Mr. Griswold affected my life personally and professionally. Stay tuned.
  • Early Marriage
    I can’t avoid it any longer. My full-time job at the law school was an oasis. So what’s going on at home and elsewhere? Let’s just call it the Ups and Downs of Early Marriage. Or something like that. That’s the next big topic.
  • What about Motherhood?
    Not to be forgotten. But first, as noted above, I’m going back to reflect on my first three years of marriage, before our first baby arrived.
  • Devotional Writing
    I love this! It’s good for my soul. Expect these from time to time, usually on the weekends. These posts help me stay grounded as a follower of Jesus Christ, God’s beloved daughter-child. Though I sometimes struggle with the ‘beloved’ part.
  • Haiku/Poetry
    No changes. I’ll post them when I have them. I’m still surprised by these shorter pieces, especially how and when they happen.
  • Grab Bag
    This is for anything else I’d like to write about. If you want to suggest a topic or question, just do so in a comment. I’ll oblige if I’m able and willing!

The tagline for this blog is connecting the dots of my life. That’s still what it’s about. Yet it’s more than this. Blogging has unexpectedly connected me with some of the dots of your lives. I didn’t anticipate this. It just happened.

Thank you for the gift of your time and for what you’ve shared about your lives here, in your blogs, and in other ways.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 19 April 2015
Photo credit: DAFraser, May 2014 (Longwood Gardens) and August 2014 (Smudge)