Durgin Park Dining Room | Memories

by Elouise

Durgin Park Line 1960s

~~~Durgin Park Waiting Line, mid-1960s

The line says it all. This place is popular! Looks like a Sunday dinner crowd to me. A Boston landmark, before this area was gentrified and lost its true Boston charm. One of our favorite memories.

When you get to the door, you still have to get up the stairs. The dining room is visible through the windows on the 2nd floor. Long tables, oilcloth covering all tables, chairs lined up on both sides. Sit where we tell you to sit! Eat and leave!

Noisy, hot, humid and low-cost. Heaven on earth food at a fabulous price. Before the days of health-conscious eating.  I remember Boston baked beans to die for, Boston brown bread crammed with raisins and slathered with butter, and Indian pudding with whipped cream smothering it. Enough said. Take a look at the menu (and prices!) and drool.

Durgin Park Menu 1960s, front

Durgin Park Menu, p. 2

Durgin Park menu, p3

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© Elouise Renich Fraser, 24 April 2015
All photos from http://www.1964.alumclass.mit.edu