Dear Diane | Old Photos

by Elouise

1967 Jun Legs at the Beach Diane and Elouise

Dear Diane,

Summer 1968. How do you like your lovely tanned legs? And what about those toes? I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten this picture! D and I have been sorting through old slides, converting them to digital photos—all for your viewing pleasure!

Those are my legs on the left, yours on the right—in case there’s any doubt. I noticed that our toes are almost identical.

Here are three more–all taken on the same day at the beach. As you can see from this first full body picture, I’m pregnant and you’re not. I can tell because you’re very gracefully hugging your knees right up to your belly.

1968 June On the Beach Elouise and Diane

In this next one, we’re eating lunch  and squinting a bit. Very serious business, eating. Especially with sand blowing around.

1968 Jun Elouise and Diane lunch on the beach

Here’s my favorite. The two of us hanging out on the sand with Bill and Joyce Supplee.  Our beloved Bible college choir director and his tiny wife Joyce.

1968 Jun Beach Bill and Joyce Supplee with Diane and Elouise

 D and I drove down to the Jersey Shore for the day. We were living in the Griswold’s house. As I recall, the choir was on tour and had a day off. Near Toms River, I think. Enjoy the photos! We were pretty gorgeous women back then, don’t you think?

Love and hugs,

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 27 April 2015
Photo credit: DAFraser, Summer 1968, Jersey Shore