Dear Bela and What’s Happening | Photos

by Elouise


Bela's new carrying case Smaller crop 2

First what’s happening:

  • Feeling grateful I had a challenging Sabbath
  • Anticipating a visit with our West Coast Daughter and Son-in-Law
  • Going into a different gear for the next 2 weeks of posts. Don’t go away! I’ll still be here.

So who’s Bela?

Bela is our Lovely Daughter (LD) and Son-in-Law’s (SIL) recently departed 18-year-old cat. Bela walked into our SIL’s life years ago, before he ever met our LD. Bela came as part of the package. A sweet, people-loving cat with a sometimes squeaky voice.

I’ve been pondering my relationship to Bela. I think he’s my grandcat. Of which I now have several. All rescued or strays.

I think Bela wouldn’t mind if I tell this story about him.

In his last years Bela was stalked and terrorized by J, the next-door female cat. Things weren’t always this way.

  • As amended, thanks to Bela’s owners: Actually, J came looking at Bela’s house early on–apparently thinking she might like to add this section of the house to her own. Bela was in no way rude or unfriendly. Nor did he try to ingratiate himself to her.

One day, J decided Bela’s house was actually her house into which she could come at will, looking to pick a fight. She also sat in her back doorway, glaring out at the world and watching for Bela to appear in the backyard so she could torment him with no more than a look. Dear Bela became a refugee in his own home. Adamant about NOT going outside if J was there.

J died several months ago (may she rest in peace). Now Bela had the yard all to himself. It took a while, but gradually he got more and more adventuresome.

Just a few weeks ago, Bela visited J’s house for the last time. He hadn’t done that for months, even years. But the door was open, so he walked right in, made the rounds and peed in three different and doubtless strategic spots. Take that! And that! And that!

Don’t tell me cats aren’t smart and don’t have long memories.

Bela was fortunate. He was lavished with love from the beginning, and outrageously pampered in his last years. Here and above are a few photos from his later years.

Bela's new carrying case1

The best thing to do in a guitar case…


Getting the throw-aways while they’re hot!


Time for a nice snooze on my cat lounge


Still running around–in my dreams!

P1050120 cropped

I’m Bela! Who are you? This is my seat, you know…

 That’s the news for now, folks!
Happy June, everybody!

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 1 June 2015
Photo Credits: SFS – Guitar Case (May 2014); DAFraser, – Window Seat (Oct 2012), Cat Lounge and Corn (Sept 2014)