Leftovers from Yesterday | Photos

by Elouise

Here are more gorgeous photos from Longwood Gardens, leftover from yesterday’s lengthy, surprise phone and internet service outage. Nothing like instant withdrawal from blogging to test my patience! But we endured, and here’s a tiny feast for your eyes, minus the heat.

These are from our second Longwood Gardens visit last week.
Coming through the main entrance, we could go right at the lamp-post,
toward the courtyard by the flower walk.



But today we’re turning left,
which takes us by a large open field surrounded by trees and walkways.



See the visitors beneath the beech trees?



Chinese dogwood on right side of the field



Close-up of the same Chinese Dogwood

On the far side of the field we come to the Topiary Garden,
with views of the rose garden, and the Conservatory in the background.


At this point our quiet walk is interrupted by the beep-beep sound of
construction trucks, heavy equipment, and shouting construction workers.
I’m cheating right here so you can get a good perspective on this.
It’s cheating because we didn’t go to the Conservatory side until the end of our visit.
Here I am looking out over some of the construction site
from the patio in front of the Conservatory.


 Here’s a close-up from the same angle.


 See the trees and the bell tower on the other side of the construction site?
That’s where we’re headed.
Construction will be finished by Spring 2017–
totally renovated fountains, lights, sound system, and main garden walks.
Back to why we came–


Longwood Oak Knoll, Cropped Panorama6-16-2015 12-17-45 PM

Panorama of Oak and Conifer Knoll


Do you see the tiny cone on the tree trunk?



Looking at the Dawn Redwood



I think these beautiful young conifers are cousins.


Just beyond the Oak and Conifer Knoll we come to the bell tower,
closed during construction, though the bells still chime.
The waterfall, however, is shut down for garden renovation,
including all the Hillside Garden and some of the trails.
Note construction in the background, looking toward the Conservatory.



 Now we’ve walked back toward the Conservatory,
and are approaching the café–
one of the best things about going to Longwood Gardens!



We’re only halfway through our visit, but that’s it for now! I’ll post more photos later this week.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 16 June 2015
Photo credit: DAFraser, 9 June 2015 at Longwood Gardens