Early Marriage | Photos 1967

by Elouise

1967 Sep Elouise and David in a park

Time for a break and a little fun. We’re in our second year of marriage, enjoying a visit from D’s Mom. In the photo above D and I are sitting behind a charcoal kiln. We’re somewhere in the area around Boston and the North Shore. D’s Mom took the photo. The pictures below include brief comments on fashion. Mine, of course. Since this photo isn’t particularly fashionable, please keep moving along….

Here’s a picture I took of David and his Mom, fall 1967.

1967 Sep Edith and David sightseeing in Mass

I’m not sure where this is–probably somewhere on the North Shore. Given the formality of the outfits, I’d say this was a Sunday afternoon trip. Doesn’t D look young and innocent? Also notice his Mom’s boxy straw handbag with latch, definitely a sign of the times. Don’t miss how tall they are next to the door behind them. And take a look at the window treatment. Click to enlarge.

Here I am with D’s Mom.

1967 Sep Elouise and Edith sight seeing in Mass

Definitely summer. Note the cool sunglasses. Also the up-to-date handbags. To say nothing of our fashionable and modestly hemmed summer outfits. Wash and wear heaven! Simple and colorful. Very nice, I think. Nothing to raise eyebrows here. In fact, looking closely, I’m 100% sure I made that pink number myself. A simple A-line shift. Very easy. Note also the neatly stacked firewood behind us–ready for winter, no doubt. And the kitchen garden just in front of our feet.

Here’s another view of D’s Mom and me, taken the same day.
We’re visiting Plimoth (Plymouth) Plantation.

1967 Sep Elouise and Edith on Mass touring

If you look closely, you’ll see we’re totally in step with the fashion of the day for women of our age. Even down to our hair-dos. You can see us right there in the right-hand corner, walking downhill with other visitors. Beautiful Plymouth Bay is peeking through the background. Enlarge the photo to see Bermuda shorts, and one Sister who seems to be the only woman in the photo with her head and body covered. We don’t seem to know about skin protection.

Here we are on another day, visiting Old Ironsides.

1967 Sep Edith and Elouise on Old Ironsides

Given our outfits, this is probably a Sunday afternoon trip. I’m wearing a store-bought dress. I know this because I would never make a belt like that! It’s also 100% polyester. D’s Mom has a nice Peter Pan collar on her pink easy-care dress. Both dresses have stylishly small pleats. And don’t we look demure? Who would ever guess we were power-house women.

Finally, here we are in our Cambridge apartment.

1967 Sep Elouise David Edith in Cambridge apt

I think D doesn’t know what to do sitting there between two good-looking, intelligent women! The corsages (Thank to D) tell me this might be Mother’s Day, though I’m not pregnant, and that we’re ready to go out to church and lunch. Note the pillbox hat! I made the dress I’m wearing. D’s Mom gave me the gorgeous ivory beaded sweater. She bought it in South Korea. For years she worked as a technical librarian for the military in Germany, South Korea, Vietnam, and then here in the USA. I still have this sweater.

That’s all for now, folks!

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 18 June 2015
Photos taken by DAFraser, EJFraser and ERFraser