Sunday Sunshine

by Elouise


~~~Tea for Two. Aren’t they elegant?

I’m a sucker for children’s gardens anywhere. Since the weather forecast calls for lots of rain tomorrow, Sunday, here’s a dry stroll through the Children’s Garden in the Longwood Conservatory. It’s all about plants, water, sculpture, fun, and a lot more. Enjoy!

Here’s the entrance. It may look like an ordinary garden,
but it’s really a make-believe, child-size maze.


Entrance to the Longwood Children’s Garden

Expect surprises around every corner–
multiple rooms, overlooks, secret passages and more.


A child’s-height invitation to play in fishy water fountains


Just up these stairs resides the mighty….


Gotcha! The Water Monster complete with flashing lights, roars, and fiery water flowing from huge open mouth….

Would you believe vegetables (not too many) to admire and touch,
plus herbs to rub so your fingers smell really spiffy?
Sorry, no photos of herbs this time….


What’s that strange plant? Why doesn’t ours look that good?

Here’s another passageway….keep your head down!


Don’t look behind you!


Told you so! It’s spitting fog! Can you blow it away?

Just a few more–to prove it’s all about water, having fun,
and being part of the scenery.


Did you know robins spit at each other?


Now everyone’s doing it!



Time for a photo to prove you were here!

Finally, the last shot–a lovely mural that spits!
Every time the gong (above the mural, not in the photo) rings,
streams of water go flying through the air,
one from each side of the mural.
Do you see them?
Just try being the photographer….


The most aesthetically pleasing of two attempts


~~~Proof that D has quick reflexes

Have a wonderful Sabbath, rain or no rain.
And happy Father’s Day to all fathers, grandfathers, great grands, and wanna-be fathers!

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 20 June 2015
Photo credit: DAFraser, September 2010 and June 2015
Children’s Garden at the Longwood Gardens Conservatory