A Book We Never Outgrow | from Diane

by Elouise

Libary Welcome Poster

Just for you: Diane’s children’s sermon from 2 June 1991. The topic fits all stages of life–those we expect and those that take us by surprise, if not shock. In any scenario, there’s something we can all count on.

See this funny looking thing?  Got any idea what it might be?…A graduating cap!  That’s right!

My oldest son just used this cap. He graduated from high school on Friday night. We were all real proud of him.  Even though the wind was blowing, he kept his cap on the whole time!

I thought about all the years he went to school before he could wear this cap. Twelve years! So what did he do for those 12 years?

Here’s one way to think about it: He went through a lot of books! He started with some back in 1st grade, and about the time those books started to get easy the teacher said, “Okay. It’s time for a new book!”

So she took that one away and gave him another one. And they kept getting harder! Just when he’d learned everything he was supposed to know from one book, they’d take it away and give him another one!

You never catch up, do you?  They’ve always got another book for you to learn from.  With most of them—if you study real hard, and do all your homework, and read it carefully—you can learn pretty much everything you’re supposed to know from that book.

In fact, they give you tests to make sure you do, don’t they? Yeah. I’d roll my eyeballs, too!

Here’s what I’ve been thinking.
There’s one book that’s not that way. One book you never outgrow. You never learn everything that’s in it. Can you think of what that book might be…?

You’re right! The Bible! Here in Sunday School we teach our preschoolers Bible truths. Children in grade school learn things from the Bible, too. They start learning the names of the books of the Bible so they can look up things for themselves. They also learn to memorize some Bible verses.

Our older young people study from the Bible. They learn to spend time reading their Bibles so they’ll learn things God wants them to know. Our adults still study the Bible. Even our oldest adults are still learning things from the Bible.

That’s because it’s a special kind of book. It’s not a book you ever graduate from, or outgrow.

God gave us this special book. It’s different from other books. At any age, we can learn truths about God from the Bible. Sometimes we need somebody to help us learn those truths. But even with all that help, there are truths in the Bible that we’ll never finish learning.

One of the most important truths we learn from the Bible is that God loves us.  I’m glad God gave us the Bible to let us know that, and to let us understand how much He loves us, and all that He’s done for us.

This morning as we pray, I want to thank God for the Bible and that we can learn from it all our lives. You don’t have to buy a new Bible every year the way you have to buy new textbooks every year. Even when you get older you don’t have to get a new Bible. That’s because it can teach us things all our lives.

Let’s pray together.

Thank you, God, for exciting times like graduation, and for all the books that help us learn things we need to know in school. But most of all today, thank you for that one book that has all we need to know about you. Thank you that in the Bible you’ve told us and taught us that you love us, and care about us, and have done some wonderful things for us.

I pray that we’ll be good Bible students, always wanting to learn the truths that are in the Bible you’ve given us. I pray that today, while we’re in Sunday School, we’ll all learn something new from the Bible. These things I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 18 July 2015
Children’s Sermon from Diane Renich Kelley, 2 June 1991 (edited for length)
Elementary School Library Welcome Poster from mcs.k12.ny.us