secret hideaway

by Elouise

 1972 Oct Hilton Head House

white sand gleams pure
buttressed boulders stand watch
trees aren’t telling

* * *

Hilton Head Island, 1972, on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island. Thanks to the good graces of the owners, D and I have returned to the house where we honeymooned in September 1965.

One small difference–We returned with the youth group we were now leading! Our two children were with their grandparents in Savannah, Georgia, and the two of us were ‘locked in’ (so to speak) for the weekend with about a dozen teenagers.

Even though it wasn’t a honeymoon, there were tons of teenage hormones raging, plus giggles and questions (asked and unasked) about this, the very place where had our honeymoon.

It was great fun, and I’m so happy D took this photo. In 1965 we were too besotted with each other to get many good pictures of the house itself.

The sound of tidal waves on sand always makes me melt inside–so calm, rhythmic and normally peaceful. No, you can’t  see the waves, but just look at that sand! I’ve never seen more beautiful ocean-side sand than the sand I grew up with on the Southern East Coast.

P.S. Our bedroom in 1965 and in 1972 was on the top level, on the far right end. A room with a spectacular view and sliding glass doors.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 7 October 2015
Photo credit: DAFraser, Summer 1972 at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina