Faculty Wife | Part 18

by Elouise

Pasadena toward Mt. Wilson

A crystal clear day in sunny California, looking toward Mt. Wilson and towers

Spring 1973. It’s settled! D enters seminary in the fall. We’re moving to sunny, sometimes smoggy southern California! I can’t say I’m sad about resigning/retiring from my Faculty Wife role.

I am, however, sad about leaving. We live only 150 miles from my parents. D’s Mom lives in Florida, not too far to visit from time to time. I don’t like leaving good friends behind. It feels as though I’m jumping ship. Abandoning my compatriots.

A zillion questions fly through my head. Here are 4 biggies, plus how things turned out.

Where will D go to seminary?

Pasadena, Rose Bowl

In Pasadena, home of the Rose Bowl Parade and the Rose Bowl. D’s father and step-mother live in Pasadena, with D’s two half-brothers. They’d love to have us stay with them when we first arrive. No, D is not going to seminary at the Rose Bowl! We’ll get there in a bit.

Where will we live?

Pasadena-Altadena-Lake Ave

In Altadena, up in the foothills above Pasadena, below Eaton Canyon and Mt. Wilson. A hiker’s paradise! D’s step-mother already spotted a likely house. Thanks to D’s mother, we’re able to make the down-payment. From our living room window we can watch the sun hit the mountains every morning. When the air is clear.

What will I do?

Unexpectedly, the seminary announces a brand new deal: spouses of fulltime students can enroll for 25% of the full tuition rate. D’s mother already offered to pay for women in her family who want to get masters degrees. We go for it! I’ll be a part-time student. I’m terrified and elated.

Pasadena, FTS

How will we get everything to California?

A Bible college friend wants to get to the West Coast. He offers to drive a rental truck with our piano, furniture, appliances, clothing and household items. What a relief! We load the truck up, arrange for storage in California, wave him off, and plan another family vacation trip on our way to the West Coast.

When word gets out that we’re going to ‘that seminary,’ some friends and colleagues are concerned about our spiritual wellbeing. Isn’t this seminary ‘liberal’? They welcome women into their Master of Divinity program, cooperate with unorthodox groups, and don’t seem to have the correct view of the Bible.

To that, I would add another list that may have been on people’s minds. California is the home of Hollywood movies, hippies, drug addicts, life in the fast lane, risqué clothing, nude beaches, ‘loose living,’ California wine and challenges to authority. In a word, dangerous to spiritual health.

In July 1973 we enjoyed one last faculty and staff picnic, packed up, and were on our way to another great adventure.

1973 Jul CBC Faculty Picnic 2

My last post in this Faculty Wife series will be photos. A fond farewell to a period in our marriage and family life when things were relatively simple. Even with all the twists and turns that finally moved us along.

To be continued….

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 11 Nov 2015
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