Skipping and Dancing

by Elouise


This photo triggered a memory that included my Uncle Waldo and Aunt Leta. Uncle Waldo is the youngest and last remaining sibling in my father’s family.

He sent me this photo of his granddaughters in response to my recent photo post about our trip to the West Coast. He also shared several comments about memorable trips he and my Aunt Leta have enjoyed.

Aunt Leta took this photo one year after their 50th wedding anniversary. They and their family were vacationing at a state park in West Virginia. As Uncle Waldo noted, it was the “best vacation we ever had.” It’s doubtless a photo that melts Waldo and Leta’s hearts.

The photo took me back two years to our last big family reunion. Uncle Waldo was there with Aunt Leta, along with two other members of the first generation, wives of two deceased uncles. About 145 of us were able to be present, including a bumper crop of younger children and babies.

On Sunday morning we met for worship. This included a praise band with multiple instruments, assembled from family members of various ages.

While we were singing at the beginning of the service, several young family members began dancing up front in a circle. Spontaneously. Ages about 6 to 8. Some wore shoes; some didn’t. Most were little girls.

I teared up. Not because of the music, but because of their dancing. It was unrehearsed, unplanned and joyous. A few other young children came up to join them. A happy bunch, and a timely reminder that at least some of us present had come a long way, baby!

Thanks to Uncle Waldo and Aunt Leta for the photo and the memories.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 16 November 2015
Thanks to Uncle Waldo and Aunt Leta for permission to use this photo. It was taken by Aunt Leta at a state part in beautiful West Virginia.