Joy and Delight | Photos

by Elouise

How’s this for a bit of color? On my birthday D and I hiked in the Longwood Gardens Meadow and visited the annual Chrysanthemum Festival in the Conservatory at Longwood Gardens.

The top photo shows specimens of each chrysanthemum included in displays throughout the Conservatory. The shape of this display always reminds me of a hovering space ship. Especially when seen from a distance.

For example: This is just in front of the main entrance to the building. It definitely looks better at this distance! Not that it’s ugly. It’s just huge–like a giant mushroom without much context to soften it. Part of the context you can’t see but can imagine is the sound of water falling down and through the center stream of this wing.


Nearby, in a side wing, is this lovely hallway with ferns and ivy everywhere. You might be wondering (as you should) what those doors are for. This is the restroom wing! With private space for families and individuals. There are lights next to each door that show whether a facility is vacant or occupied. Very posh indeed. Just looking at this hallway makes me happy.


Now we’re heading into the main Conservatory display.
The sun, superstructure and light were just right.
The photographer wasn’t slouchy, either.


Around each side is a walkway. Don’t miss the heat grates.
Yes, they were pumping away. The strange corner decoration (lower right) is a bit of my backpack. Proof I was there!

Now we’re looking across the center display to the opposite side.


Here are close-ups of several blooms that caught my eye. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of typical USA chrysanthemums–such as the kind that populate buckets of water in super markets. But these were spectacular.


Finally, just off the main display area is a hallway leading to the orchid house and other displays. The sight down the hallway was breathtaking. Not just because of the flowers, but because of the hanging baskets and green tendrils plus the stunning color of the chrysanthemums lining the hall. The color of Ireland from the air.


As always, thanks for coming along and letting me show you just a little of what brings immense joy and delight into my life.


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 2 December 2015
Photo credit: DAFraser, 20 November 2015
Longwood Gardens Conservatory, Kennett Square, PA