Captured on Camera | Photos

by Elouise


A serious consultation on Grandpa’s wheat ranch in Oregon, Summer 1973

I’m almost embarrassed to admit this. Poring through old photos of our young children evokes feelings similar to my feelings when they were born. Wonder. Disbelief. Gratitude. Joy.

Looking back, I see their personalities, and the beginning of their life-long friendship with each other. It’s like looking at two exotic flowers I didn’t even know existed. And they’re right here in front of me. Especially in their spirits and personalities.

Of course I’m looking through my mother-eyes. But this isn’t just about pride—though I’m proud of their characters then and now. It’s more than that. I see an unself-conscious acceptance of whatever is before them. New, mysterious, exciting, captivating. All of it. Just as it is, and just as they are. Unfiltered and unchecked.

It’s 1973. We’re moving from Columbia, South Carolina to Altadena, California. D and I are about to begin seminary studies. We take a long vacation-style trip across the southern states and then up into the northwest before coming down the coast to southern California. These few photos capture more than the scenery.

1973 Jul Blowing bubbles Scott and Sherry

Blowing bubbles at Grammy’s mobile home in Arizona, Summer 1973


1973 Scott and Sherry at the Grand Canyon 3 ND

Sitting next to the Grand Canyon’s Southern Rim in Arizona, Summer 1973



An exciting ride on Grandpa’s tractor on the Oregon wheat ranch, Summer 1973


1973 Jul Scott and Sherry in Old Cat Cab on farm

Checking out the old Caterpillar cab on Grandpa’s farm, Summer 1973


1973 Jul On the farm in the Shop Scott and the equipment

Studying this mysterious electrical equipment in Grandpa’s shop, Summer 1973


1973 Jul Scott and Sherry on Farm Equipment in Pendleton Oregon

What’s all this old stuff, anyway? Summer 1973 (Do you recognize this?)


1973 Jul Scott learning what to do with a snake 2

How to hold a snake on Grandpa’s farm, Take #1, Summer 1973


1973 Jul Sherry learning what to do with a snake

Another way to hold a snake on Grandpa’s farm – Take #2, Summer 1973


1973 Sep Scott watering a plant

Making sure the little plants don’t die in Grandpa’s yard, Summer 1973


1973 Jul Crater Lake Scott Sherry and Elouise at the Lodge looking out

Looking at Crater Lake in front of the main Lodge, Summer 1973


1973 Jul Crater Lake Sherry gazing

One last long look at a wonder of the world, Summer 1973

That’s all folks! Until later, have a great weekend. If possible, tell some children how much you enjoy their company and why.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 3 December 2015
Photo credit: DAFraser, August 1973