Snatching Hope from the Wicked

by Elouise

Dear Reader, Do you want to snatch hope from the wicked? I do! January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Listening to the stories of exploited women, children and men changed my life. In them, I recognized bits and pieces of myself. That’s why I blog. And that’s why I invite you to read on. What can YOU do to be part of the solution right now?

Telling the Truth

Dawn's Place, new logoIt isn’t easy to snatch hope from the wicked.  Just ask the women of Dawn’s Place.  They know what it takes.  So does the woman in Psalm 112.

* * *

I’ve re-worded Psalm 112 for women, with major thanks to Rabbi Aaron Lichtenstein’s plain English translation of all the Psalms, and a nod to the Good News Bible’s plain English translation of the Bible.

Psalm 112

Praise the Lord!

Happy is any woman who fears the Lord and loves the Lord’s precepts,
She will be a heroine, as will her children;
In a time of prosperity, her home will abound with wealth,
while her honesty is well known.

There is a light in the darkness for the trustworthy woman,
who remains compassionate, merciful, and forthright;
Who gladly gives a loan while claiming no more than she is due,
so that she will never fail and will be recognized…

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