old women’s visions

by Elouise


old women’s visions
sigh in abandoned forests
of dreams and regrets


Does this sound like a downer? I don’t intend it as a downer. The truth is simple: It took effort, daring, risking and trying on different ‘clothes’ before I began to find myself as God’s beloved daughter-child.

I look back and laugh at some of my attempts to be ‘somebody.’ Sometimes I sigh. The kind of sighing that gets me nowhere because it hides a gazillion ‘if onlys.’ I needed to be found before I could find myself.

Nothing is wasted—even the things I discarded so I could move on. Regrets? Yes, I have them. It took a very long time to get from there to here.

Nonetheless….I’m here. Grateful and happy to look in the mirror each morning and see not visions sighing in an abandoned forest, but the present to which they led me.

Every No is the other side of a Yes. Every discard the other side of a reclamation project. The good shepherd is out there, looking for discards and lost lambs.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 14 January 2016
Haunting photo from emgn.com