Shades of Swollen Rhetoric

by Elouise


I live in Truth

Not in photo-shopped Shades of Vicarious Color
I am what I am.

I tell the Truth
Not in misleading Shades of Precarious Ambiguities
You know I’m right.

I walk in Light
Not in dastardly Shades of Nefarious Warmongers
I’m on your side.

Trust me.


This primary election season isn’t bringing out the best in me. All I have to do is listen to myself.

In fact, if there’s any virtue to be had in this spectacle, it’s a clearer vision of myself. Here’s what I know about myself today, thanks to the current primary race.

  • It is not good practice for me to soak in words and images conveyed on TV—not even in news reports. They easily become the ‘truth’ about reality. I don’t know the truth about reality.
  • It is not good practice for me to scan news articles that pop up on my computer every morning. I won’t find much of anything to encourage me. Besides, doing this keeps me from what I must do on any given day.
  • It is not good practice for me to shout back at the TV or at the radio. It sure does feel good, but it isn’t the kind of person I want to be. I don’t want to become what I see and hear in public media.

So where does this leave me?

So far, I haven’t watched the primary election debates. For now, this is a good practice for me. Perhaps I’ll learn more from carefully researched analysis of more than one side of an issue. Surveys of historical trends might be more helpful than televised debates. True, analysis and surveys won’t carry the day. They do, however, help me sort out my priorities and ask intelligent questions.

I pray about the state of our country and aim to be constructive, not just on my behalf, but on behalf of my neighbors. We need each other. Especially now when neighbors sometimes turn against each other. People matter more than political correctness or party politics.

Besides praying and connecting with my neighbors, I’m actively waiting. Waiting instead of being pushed to take sides quickly as though this were a super bowl game. I need to decide how I’ll cast my vote and how I’ll show support for the candidate of my choice.

I’m also waiting to see how things turn out on election day. God will still be in control no matter what happens next, whether I like it or not. My neighbors will still be my neighbors, as much in need of me as I am of them. I don’t want to burn bridges. I do want to live the truth of my Christian faith.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 30 January 2016
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