Fasting | #6

by Elouise

Hospital patient gets TLC.

My greatest anxiety the morning of my procedure wasn’t whether I’d make it through the procedure. It was whether I’d make it to the operating room….

plus no liquids
equals no picnic today!

I’m still in the prep room. I’ve survived a failed attempt to hook an IV port into a tiny vein in my hand, and a successful effort to place it in a vein on my arm. Twice I’ve kicked into maternity-style deep and shallow breathing. And I almost lost consciousness.

During the second attempt I saw my doctor standing several feet away, keeping his eye on things. The moment it was over he came to the side of the bed, acknowledged this was difficult, put his hand on my arm and asked how I was feeling. Then he lowered my head and raised my feet a bit to help get my circulation going.

It probably lasted no more than 5 minutes. I was relieved when I saw the drip going above my head. I’d been fasting without fluids for over 9 hours, and the veins in my hand were screaming with thirst.

I was also relieved to know this team could work together calmly. My head nurse asked several times whether I’d reached my limit, then called off his first effort, apologized for the pain, and tried for my arm. His co-worker didn’t say a word. He just focused intently on helping get the job done.

My doctor was compassionate, attentive, and present. He treated me as the human being I am.

I breathed a sigh of relief when it was over. Not just because the IV port was in place and dripping fluids into my body, but because I felt reassured. I was in capable hands that wouldn’t panic or push me beyond my limits.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 14 April 2016
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