by Elouise

rain on uneven pavement, loftransport.wordpress.com

Rain drops
on drenched ground
eyeglasses, face
and heart

Cracks loom
in un-even pavement
Tears spring unbidden
Artesian wells overflow

I walk through this cold front
of memories, grief and healing


This morning I walked as usual, this time in a light rain. A slower, shorter walk than usual. Near the end of my walk, cracks in the pavement brought back not just my broken jaw misadventure, but others as well. I kept walking, and slowed my pace to relax my body. My mind was full of memories about the distance I’ve traveled in life and how grateful I am to be on this side of many misadventures.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 1 September 2016
Photo found at loftransport.wordpress.com