The Waiting Room

by Elouise


Body parts visible and invisible
Come and go like clockwork
Silently seek relief
My eyes wander
Linger on each bundle of hope
Dreaming of a better tomorrow –
The way things used to be

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, I’ll be back in the waiting room at a physical therapy center. As usual, I’ll be waiting with a mostly silent mixed company of women and men, plus an occasional young person.

I wonder what circumstances brought each of them to this waiting room, and what their hearts’ desires might be? What are their stories? What would their better tomorrows look like?

Most of all, I wonder how I would answer these questions for myself. Especially since I know things won’t be as they used to be. Which doesn’t rule out some things being even better.

What life-changing event is touching your life today? Just wondering. Thanks for reading.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 18 October 2016
Photo found at The Journey Not the Finish – a WordPress blog
Written while pondering the WordPress Daily Prompt for today: Waiting