Advent and Post-Election Questions

by Elouise


The votes are cast; the election is over. I feel lost. Not because of changes in me, but in my context. Who am I now? Which way will I go? What about tomorrow?

I want to plead with God for a different outcome. But heaven is silent. The votes were cast, and the election is over.

Advent puts a further spin on this for me. We still live in darkness, longing for Light. Longing for salvation from ourselves and from others who think they know best.

Our country didn’t get here overnight, and the problem isn’t just one person or certain groups of people. It’s all of us together. It doesn’t matter whether we understand exactly how it happened.

It’s upon us. Cowardice and contempt won’t make things better. Neither will apathy or hunkering down into my small world, pretending everything is going to work out just fine.

It already isn’t working out just fine. And there’s no such thing as my small world. Things haven’t been working out just fine since the beginning of human history.

This is God’s world, not mine. God alone is the Boss. Though not, I believe, the bossy type or the author of confusion.

You’re not in charge and I’m not in charge. That leaves God, who isn’t prone to swooping down in a space ship to rescue us from our collective folly. Instead, God sends a tiny Light into our human confusion and offers us another way.

Advent invites me to hand my disorientation and lack of peace over to the True Boss. The issue of the day isn’t who’s in political power or has the most influence. It’s whether I trust God and keep my eyes on the true Light of the world.

God offers us a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Not because we’re God’s favorite children, but because we’re God’s beloved children. Often lost, sometimes found, always in God’s eye.

I can’t save myself from what’s coming next. I can, however, count on God to show me the way, one small step at a time. Then it’s up to me to take it. Not reluctantly, but with power, love and a sound mind.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 17 December 2016
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