Amsterdam – Bikes | Viking Cruise

by Elouise


Last summer D and I, together with our daughter and son-in-law, enjoyed a two-week cruise down the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers. From Amsterdam to Budapest. We came back loaded with photos. I’ll be sharing some from time to time, partly as a cheery way to get through the winter! But also because it was a great adventure. Today’s photos focus on bikes.

We arrived in Amsterdam on an overnight flight from Philadelphia and were taken by bus to the cruise ship.


After a light breakfast/lunch buffet, a friendly, energetic guide kept us awake by trotting us around the city. Watch out for the bikes (and for cars and buses, of course)! No crossing the street unless the light is green.

Bikes flew by (too fast to photo) and were parked everywhere. Note locks and chains.



Our guide explained that old bikes are preferable to new bikes. They’re not as likely to be ripped off piece by piece, and are easier to replace. In addition, owners don’t always remember where they left their bikes. Hence a variety of sometimes eccentric add-ons or colors to give your wheels higher visibility.

As you can see, bikers can park virtually anywhere. However, the most impressive place to park is at the huge bike garage near the transportation hub of the city. If you can just remember where you left your bike. 


To be continued from time to time. Stay tuned!

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 4 January 2017
Photo credit: DAFraser, July 2016 in Amsterdam