God rolls the dice

by Elouise


God rolls the dice
with each new birth
A gamble taken
in good faith

If you cherish this little one
might not my beloved earth
be visited come spring
with lavender from sea to sea?

A roll of the dice and
the Master’s plan
Lift up your eyes
and feast on beauty

Persistent repetitive
tenacious beauty
bursting with fragile joy
upon giving birth


I know. Sadly, not all the little ones make it, and not all little ones are conceived in good faith. Yet God keeps faith with us each spring, in each season of life. Always giving us another opportunity to nurture the ground, the good earth, the vulnerable child who may become a link in this fragile chain we call life.

Which brings three questions to mind. Am I willing to bet on God? And beyond that, do I realize God is betting on me? Not on me alone, yet on me as one part of the whole. Finally, do I know how to nurture the vulnerable child in you or in me? Food for thought.

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 4 March 2017
Photo found at the Weather Underground App
Spring crocus in Linz, Austria taken by haggiaustria, 28 Feb 2017

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