More Spring at Longwood | Photos

by Elouise

~~~pink azaleas on the wooded path toward the lake at Longwood Gardens

Ready for round two of this notoriously breathtaking Garden? The first set of photos took us into the Gardens and down the flower walk. In this set, we’ve left the flower walk and are in a small wooded area, making our way down toward the lake.

Here’s a first look at the lake,
definitely having a hard time with algae at this end,
yet beautifully romantic with a lovely old gazebo.

Turning around on the path,
we see a young red cedar grove beside a waterfall creek
flowing through Longwood’s managed wetland.

 Turning back toward the lake,
we’re walking toward the opposite end of the lake
when we come upon a pair of geese!
First mama, followed by ever vigilant papa.

This handsome human couple has no idea they’re about to
come upon the geese just beyond the weeping willow tree…
Do I know them?

We’ve reached the plaza at the end of the lake,
usually well populated by visitors with cameras,
and excited children feeding the fish with Garden-approved pellets.
Today it’s peaceful and quiet.
Don’t miss the sturdy blue lounge chairs overlooking the lake!
Or the gazebo in the distance.

Meanwhile, back up the steps to the main plaza,
we’ve turned around to see the Italian Water Garden!
Plus one gardener. Leaving the water garden,
we take the path on the right side toward the meadow.

Just before we come to the meadow, we cross a bridge over a pond
and spot a green heron stalking its next meal.
Unfortunately, he didn’t give us a good front-face pose.
Here you can see his handsome back and headfeathers,
followed by a photo of his unfortunate prey. Poor baby.

No walk through the meadow today.
Instead, we take the short perimeter path in the foreground.
A recent controlled burn leveled one major area.
It should be stunning by the end of May.
Here’s a quick look back before we head for the café.

 Before we reach the café, we pass a popular site,
a tree house for children. Now empty because
it’s late in the afternoon. Don’t miss the birdfeeders!

Finally, two looks at early spring growth along the path to the café.

Hoping you have a weekend of note, no matter the season!

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 19 May 2017
Photo credit: DAFraser, May 2017
Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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