More Sunny Day Photos at Longwood

by Elouise

We’re back today at Longwood Gardens, on ground level just in front of the main fountains’ reconstructed home on the right. To the left are formal gardens with their own fountains. Note the lovely boulevard with sturdy benches, and trees that project a leafy art show on the ground below.

The front of the main building is lined with decorative urns,
young dwarf papyrus plants and small ornate fountains.

We walked down the side path toward the conservatory.
Here’s a look back from the top of the stairs.

D took the photo below from the conservatory plaza at about 3:30pm.
It gives a sense of the immensity of this project.
Don’t miss the bell tower in the distance.

Below are two photos D took in June 2015 from the conservatory plaza.
The project was well under way.
It’s hard to believe this (below) became that (above).

Below you can see what the Fountain Garden looked like in August 2006.
Visitors weren’t allowed up near the main fountains, and
the old decorative containers and sculptures were in sad shape.
Most foot traffic went around the edges beneath trimmed trees,
though visitors could sit on the lawn during special events
such as the annual 4th of July fireworks and fountains show.

After visiting other gardens, we walked back through the Fountain Garden.
It was nearly 5:00 pm. Here are several last, lovely looks.

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©Elouise Renich Fraser, 29 June 2017
Photos taken by DAFraser, 27 June 2017, August 2006 and June 2015
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