rising and falling

by Elouise

rising and falling
earth-born cicada concert
shrieks through summer air


Do you live on the East Coast of the USA? This year’s crop of cicadas is huge. Here’s a great article that will tell you how many cicadas per square mile (sit down!), plus other fascinating cicada facts.

Or maybe you’d just like to hear one of these little buggers in solo concert (solo? a rarity in my experience). Check out this video:

All I wanted was a quiet morning walk. Not only were the cicadas ramping up into full morning concert, the tree experts were boring and grinding the remains of a large expired shade tree deeply rooted in soil next to the grade school. No complaints, though, since I already knew the prompt for the day, and enjoyed the walk.

Hoping your day brings good surprises along with whatever else comes along.


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 19 July 2017
Image found at livescience.com; video found on YouTube
Response to WordPress Daily Prompt: Soil