A quick and happy update

by Elouise

I’m just back from  seeing my kidney doctor to go over recent lab tests. Two things in particular have me ecstatic!

  • First, my Vitamin D is no longer a hair’s breadth from ‘deficient.’ It’s now proudly ‘sufficient’! This means good things for my health overall including more energy, happy kidneys, happy heart, happy blood pressure and happy bones. Well…happy enough for me.
  • Second, my Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 ranking got kicked in the butt! It’s now Stage 2, and should hold right there as long as I’m a good girl and do all the right stuff. That means eating the right food, drinking enough water, exercising regularly every day, getting enough sleep, saying No to just about every invitation that comes my way (slight exaggeration), lazing around when that’s what I feel like doing, writing my heart out, and visiting you as I’m able.

Speaking of visiting, tomorrow D and I are going next door for tea with our neighbors. He cooked the fabulous Quinoa and Garbanzo Bean dish (Indian style) for me, and she’s a medical doctor. Yesterday I saw Rita while we were out walking. I’m due a cup of tea with her, as well.

That’s it for now. Just felt like I would pop wide open if I didn’t share my good news!

Elouise ♥ 

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 26 July 2018
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