Mid-Summer at Chanticleer | Photos

by Elouise

A week ago D and I drove over to Chanticleer Gardens for a late afternoon stroll. Not a quick walk, but a stroll. An amble. A creep-along marathon of nonstop mid-summer beauty.

Here are some favorite up-close photos.

Unlike Longwood Gardens, Chanticleer has small, laid back elegance. Lawn chairs, picnic tables, rocking chairs and quiet spaces invite visitors to take their time exploring delightful nooks and crannies and whimsical garden architecture. Or read a book and take a nap on the grass.

And my final five!

One more extra feature–a map you can use when you come to visit!

For more information about Chanticleer, click here.

Β© Elouise Renich Fraser, 7 August 2017
Photos taken by DAFraser, July 2017
Chanticleer Gardens
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