Hi, I’m Smudge. . .

by Elouise

Happy Monday! I’m just back from Smudge’s annual checkup and routine shots. Here, in his very own voice, is the story of his rescue, plus photos. I first published this in September 2014. Today he’s one of the loves of my life. Hope you enjoy his take on the event! Elouise

Telling the Truth

Prince Oliver Smudge the Second, August 2014 Prince Oliver Smudge the Second, August 2014

while Queen Elouise
is away Prince Smudge will play


I’m her baby
And I don’t mean maybe!


How’s that for my very first haiku + poem?
I think it’s way past time for you to hear about ME–
straight from the cat’s mouth!


My Short Long Tail Tale of Being Lost and Found

Someone abandoned me in a state park!
Lost, lonely, scared, hungry and soaked with rain,
No one seemed to care about me.
I cried a lot.

One day I looked up and saw two very large, long-hair animals
standing on two legs each.
They smiled a lot, talked sweet and held their arms out to me,
but I knew better.
I wasn’t about to let them get their big paws on me!

After a long time they left without me.
I didn’t know whether to be relieved or…

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