clouds of dust

by Elouise

clouds of dust
drift through cracks
in thirsty soil

distant thunder
above savannas

a world wearied
by winds of war
hopes against hope

We humans aren’t the only species watching and waiting. We are, however, the only species charged with care of this planet. Much of the natural beauty and diversity we’ve taken for granted is endangered. From within and without.

Do we have the courage and stamina to change our ways? Do our politicians have the courage and stamina to do what’s right when it comes to funding environmental studies? The outlook so far is bleak. Not surprising, given our addiction to the present moment.

But could we not learn to look up, the way we look strangers in the eye, and greet these environments with more than apathy or callous disregard?

I don’t pretend to know all about it. Yet I witness what’s happening in our national politics. Or better, what’s not happening. That is, what is now being (or has already been) defunded, under-supported and written off in favor of grandiose indulgences of the present moment and ‘important’ people.

For every wealthy person who supports and funds climate change research and solutions for the future, I am deeply grateful. They do us the courtesy and favor of demonstrating solutions that can be put into practice.

In the meantime, too many of our politicians are intent on saving their own skin or turf without regard for the larger picture.

Here’s my personal take on our situation today:

Neglect and violence heaped on our planet’s ecosystems
reflects and is connected to
neglect and violence heaped on the most vulnerable among us–
citizens, immigrants, countries, religions, and those we most fear.

The shape of our national tax structure
reflects and is connected to the way we treat
our planet’s ecosystems and the most vulnerable among us.

I want to have more than memories to pass on to the next generation. Don’t you?

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 28 November 2017
Photo found at ThoughtCo.comSavanna in the Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa