autumn elegy

by Elouise

spent oak leaves
spiral to the ground
dancing a sad song

Today was dismal and gray. Rain coming tonight, followed by a fierce cold front moving in later this week.

It took a while for this haiku to take shape. The sight of brown oak leaves spiraling down from their high branches did it. If an elegy were a dance, that’s what I saw as they spun slowly to the ground now littered with them.

I felt torn. The ache of falling leaves is inevitable. Yet it’s also beautiful and, in this case, graceful.

I want to be a graceful oak leaf, pirouetting to the ground—having spent all I have to become and live faithfully as the child of God I am. Not without defects, but content. Using the voice my Creator placed in me not to be silenced or hoarded, but to be heard.

This time of my life is filled with aching beauty everywhere—including yours and my own. Thanks for stopping by.


© Elouise Renich Fraser, 5 December 2017
Photo by Joel Sartore found at