sun rises

by Elouise

sun rises
climbs cloudless sky –
fiery hot


fierce brilliance of this morning’s sun
meets frigid breathless air of
harsh unyielding stony resistance –
stand-ins for rising discontent of the many
exploited in permutations unlimited
thinly veiled interests of the few
packaged in chocolate-covered poison

I believe
there is a Sun/Son of Righteousness
already rising with healing wings
invading this world with Truth, Justice and Courage
freeing as many Uppity Women, Men and Children as it takes
to bring healing in Real Time and Real Places
with Real Solutions that work from and in our hearts
not from greed or lust for power
or the misplaced desire to be what we humans will never be –
The Greatest and Most Beautiful of All

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 1 January 2018
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