by Elouise

One clear, long bell-like trill
Drifts through my bedroom window
Waking me with grace and beauty

To whom do I owe
Overflowing gratitude for
Yet another day unlike any other
Drifting down the river
That carries me home

Or will this moment get lost
In shrill repetitive motions
Demanding my full attention

For the past few evenings, D and I have been looking through old family photos. It beats watching animal or veterinarian shows—though I find them interesting and sometimes endearing.

Still, I’m hungry for time to look back. Not alone, but with D as we sit in front of our TV screen, going through hundreds of old slides. Laughing and even crying a bit. Acknowledging our chagrin when we can’t remember exactly where or when each photo was taken!

Life passes quickly. The last several months have been a challenge. I think about it as shifting gears yet again. Figuring out what this piece of the journey is and is not about.

So there was that little bird singing its dawn-song, prolonging its high-pitched trill until I was sure it would collapse under the weight of its solo. A small, unexpected invitation for me to join in. One day, one dawn or evensong at a time.

Thank you for your visit!

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 21 April 2022
Photo of wren found at birdspot.co.uk