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autumn’s chill air

autumn’s chill air seeps
through pores in sweaters and skin
night falls swiftly

shaggy gray squirrels race
to inspect and relocate
winter’s cold rations

a mob of starlings
rises together babbling
and whistling cat calls

from the softball field
the sound of balls pinging bats
soars through damp fall air

I pick up my speed
as twilight quickly descends
toward tomorrow’s dawn

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 28 October 2020
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a mirage shimmers
beckoning from eastern skies
through misty shadows
clouds of soft fleeting colors
float on water’s silent breath

Thanks to Tarryl Gabel for this evocative painting. It captures how I’m feeling today, even though rain is pouring down outside, and wind gusts are rolling in.

I’ve been feeling disoriented for several weeks. Also relatively helpless since I got the call on Christmas day about my youngest sister’s health emergency. I’ve already written about some of my internal struggles.

Today I’m moving on–doing what I can to stay connected with my sister in healthy ways, without leaving myself behind. Especially when it comes to writing and taking care of my own daily needs.

The painting above caught my eye this morning. It’s a lovely capture on canvas of how I’m feeling right now–enticed by possibilities for my life today and in the future, whatever is left for me.

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© Elouise Renich Fraser, 25 January 2020
Dawn of a New Day, by Tarryl Gabel, found at  

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