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Thoughts drift in and out

Thoughts drift in and out
Restless and murky
On the edge of
Something not yet

My mind waits impatiently
For the penny to drop
into a swirling sea of
Unclaimed possibilities

The juke box won’t wait
It wants to dance now
Drowning my heart with
Aches and longing for
What never was

Sitting up straight
I turn the rusty key
And find one thing
Remains –
I want to go home
Even if it died
Just yesterday

© Elouise Renich Fraser, 5 May 2019
Photo found at – Foggy Appalachian Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains


At the Back of the North Wind Flying

From my journal on Sunday, at 4:15am:

Sleep has vanished. I’m restless, uncomfortable, still taking in the reality that I have 3 weeks (not 2!) to go yet with the wires. And that I’m nearly 10 pounds below my ‘normal’ 112 pounds. Read the rest of this entry »

Not Far to Go

Here’s a little gem from Amy Carmichael.  It reminds me of every child’s question, “Are we there yet?”

Not Far to Go

It is not far to go,
For Thou are near;
It is not far to go,
For Thou are here;
And not by traveling, Lord,
We come to Thee,
But by the way of love;
And we love Thee.

Amy Carmichael, Mountain Breezes:  The Collected Poems of Amy Carmichael, p. 16.  © 1999, The Dohnavur Fellowship, published by Christian Literature Crusade.  First published in Edges of His Ways (1955) and Gold Cord (1932)

I used to think a day would come when I had truly ‘arrived.’ Read the rest of this entry »

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